Our team comprises some of the most experienced construction claims consultants, specialists and lawyers in the industry.

Prior to an agreement to construction claims funding, our originator team, we will meet with the claimant to determine, in broad terms, whether a claim is suitable for funding.

The originator team comprises of a number of experienced construction claims industry experts. That usually includes an expert in quantum matters (commercial and contractual), a specialist planning expert and a legal expert.

Should the originator team feel that the construction claim suits the QuanturA financing solution, we will undertake a more thorough due diligence exercise and generate an internal claim report.

The construction claim report covers several important areas

  • Construction claim contractual validity
  • The level of contemporaneous evidence available to support the construction claim (“the proofs”)
  • Examination of any counterclaims, possible off-sets or other threats to the success of the claim
  • Settlement and procedural options that are open to the resolution of the claim, and the enforceability of any potential judgment or award
The finalised claim report is presented by the originator team to QuanturA’s funding committee for consideration and, where approved, an offer letter is sent to the claimant to sign. Once this is completed, the claim development process will begin.