Recognising the issues facing claimants, QuanturA© is an industry first and a unique alternative to funding the development of construction claims. There are a number of advantages, including removing the financial burden of the claim from the client, and taking it off the balance sheet for the project.

Subject to a professional due diligence exercise, the costs associated with developing the construction claim are borne entirely by QuanturA© and the process is made as simple and easy as possible with minimal financial risk to the claimant.

Benefits of QuanturA construction claims funding include:

  • If the construction claim settles by negotiation or collective agreement, QuanturA© receives its fee from the monies received from the claim.
  • If the claim does not settle, QuanturA© has the capacity to fund the entire cost of pursuing the case through to adjudication, arbitration or litigation.
  • In the event that the construction claim should fail, then the costs associated with the preparation of the claim and the formal dispute resolution process are borne by QuanturA©
  • Quantura removes the cost burden.