QuanturA© is an industry first construction claims funding initiative from Tungsten Capital – a leading Management Consultancy specialising in construction and engineering claims, commercial management, arbitration and litigation support.

Why we developed our claims funding initiative

Developing an Entitlement Claim to internationally recognised standards is almost always the basis upon which a contractor or subcontractor can recover costs associated with delay, disruption and other forms of project-related loss.

Having already incurred considerable project losses and then having to employ a Consultant has many disadvantages, such as:

  • Adding considerable cost to an already strained balance sheet.
  • Running the risk of being still further out of pocket should the claim fail.

Having been at the top of the international Claims market for over 30 years, Tungsten Capital is pleased to be able to offer a totally non-recourse, no-win, no-fee claims development and dispute resolution service which has the following benefits:

  • Project Neutral© due diligence
  • Off-balance sheet claim
  • Adjudication and litigation funding
  • Access to the most experienced industry professionals
  • Ability to redirect funds to more commercially attractive pursuits
  • Neutral financial impact on a project and the ability to convert a financial liability into a tangible asset

Quantura is also a reflection of our confidence and commitment to our contracting colleagues.

An in-house fund

Quantura is a fully capitalised $47 million in-house fund, offering full non-recourse, off-balance sheet funding solutions for claims of all sizes.

Tungsten Capital

Tungsten Capital is the global Management Consultancy specialising in construction and engineering claims, commercial management, arbitration and litigation support.

Founded 40 years ago, Tungsten Capital has matured and expanded to become a globally recognised name in the field of dispute resolution and Claims management.

Tungsten Capital is widely considered to be one of the most successful specialists in the field of international construction and engineering Claims, commercial management, arbitration and litigation support.

An international organisation operating from the UK, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia, Tungsten Capital operates through a network of global subsidiaries employing the very best minds in the construction claims industry. Its mandate is simple: to help clients minimise cost, maximise their efficiency and safeguard their contractual and commercial interests. 

If you have a contractual or commercial which requires the production of a professionally developed Entitlement Claim and would like to discuss this with us, then then please contact Tungsten Capital’s Group CEO Peter Elliot.

Quantura Alliances

In 2020 we created the first of our Quantura alliances, making our claims funding service available to other claims consultancies around the world. In doing so we are able to provide construction companies, subcontractors, and construction industry consultants around the world with a unique method of funding and developing commercially viable construction and engineering entitlement claims.

“Our partnership with Tungsten Capital and its Quantura Fund helps to level the playing field and bring a sense of justice to the industry, which ultimately helps us all to contribute towards a safer and more productive construction industry around the world.” - Barry Fullarton